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Orientation and sensitization about the programme will be done through various channels such as radio, television, social media, etc.

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You could also join us on a volunteer basis and offer your competencies and skills.

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Be respectful of your mentees.
Be accessible to the mentee.

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Message from the Programme Coordinator

Abimbade Oluwadara Ph.D

All around the world, there are continuing concerns about the safety, health and education of the girl child. It is evident in societies that they are still victims of horrific practices that hamper them from attaining their full potentials. There have been actions and initiatives across the globe to promote the interest of the girl child, especially in sub-Sahara Africa, but many discriminatory practices still continue. Some of these practices are entrenched in traditions and government policies. The girl child needs an effective education to make her a fully engaged member of the society. Girls would eventually grow up to become illiterate women and socially excluded if access to education is denied. However, a lack of female mentors affect the zeal of girl children to attend school or to inform when they are being abused. There is no doubt that girl youths need consistent love, care and tutoring to guide them through the turbulent teen years and beyond. At this stage, an experienced adult should act as a friend, coach, role model and build relationships with girl children. This is the hallmark of Girl-child Mentoring Initiative (GCMI).